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Dried Sand

Dried sand is a versatile and valuable material that has many practical applications. It is a type of sand that has been dried through a process of heating and exposure to air, which removes moisture from the sand particles. This results in a dry, granular material that is used in a variety of industries.

One of the primary uses of dried sand is in construction. It is commonly used as a base material for roads and buildings, as well as in the manufacturing of concrete and mortar. Dried sand is also a popular material for landscaping and gardening. It can be used as a base for paving stones and bricks, and can also help to improve soil drainage and aeration in gardens.

Foundry 70

Foundry 70.JPG

Foundry 55

Foundry 55.JPG

Foundry 45

45 White.JPG

Sports 38

Sports 38.JPG

Filter Sand 16/30

16-30 White.JPG

Filter Sand 8/16

8-16 Cream.JPG

6/3 Cream

6-3 Cream.JPG
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