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Introducing Burdetts Sand and Soil, where innovation meets sustainability in the realm of gardening and agriculture. At Burdetts, we're not just a recycling company; we're pioneers in transforming unwanted waste into specialised soils that breathe life into your gardens and farms.


Imagine a world where sawdust, unwanted soils, manure, and natural fibers find a new purpose beyond being discarded. With Burdetts Sand and Soil, that vision becomes a reality. We're committed to environmental stewardship, turning what others consider waste into valuable resources for enriching soil and nurturing plant life.


Our specialised soils are meticulously crafted, blending sawdust for moisture retention, manure for nutrient richness, and natural fibers for enhanced structure. The result? Soil that promotes robust plant growth, improved water retention, and sustainable cultivation practices.


Whether you're a passionate gardener tending to your backyard oasis or a dedicated farmer striving for bountiful harvests, Burdetts specialised soils are your secret weapon. Say goodbye to conventional soil and embrace a greener, more sustainable alternative that not only supports your plants but also reduces waste and carbon footprint.

Join us in revolutionizing the way we approach gardening and agriculture. With Burdetts Sand and Soil, you're not just purchasing soil; you're investing in a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet. Let's grow together, one soil blend at a time.

Brick sands; ‘ .. here at Burdetts we obtain waste materials from site cuts, basement excavations and unwanted materials from quarries and recycle them into useful construction materials. By pre-testing the material and allocating it to its best use, we determine the required blend and either dry screen or wash to produce a range of brick sands, filter sands, construction sand or a range or grade specific sand’

Material recycling; ‘ we also have the equipment and resources to allow us to recycle and reuse material at offsite locations. We have a number of trommel and reclaiming screens which allow us to recycle and reuse material on customers sites, grading the material to their requirements. Due to our extensive network of material on sellers we can very often find a buyer for this material, decreasing the cost or even increasing the profit for our clients’.

Our Clients

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