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Mulch is a material that is spread around a plant or over the soil surface as a protective layer. If you think of soil as a ‘cake,’ the mulch is simply the ‘icing’ or ‘topping’. It provides a huge range of benefits for you and your garden. Mulch comes from a wide variety of organic or inorganic materials

7-10mm Pine Bark

7-10mm Pine bark.JPG

20mm Pine

7 Pine Bark Mulch 20mm (scoop).JPG

Soft Fall Timber Chips


Landscape Pine Bark

6 Landscape Pine Bark Mulch (scoop).JPG

Organic Pine Bark

5 Organic Pine Bark Mulch (scoop).JPG

Redwood Mulch

2 Redwood Mulch (ruler).JPG

Blackwood Mulch

1 Blackwood Mulch (scoop).JPG

10mm Soft Fall Mulch

Bay 3 Soft Fall Mulch 10mm (scoop).JPG

Euca Mulch 

8 Euca Mulch (scoop).JPG

50-100mm Terracotta Chips

4 Terracotta Chips 50-100mm (scoop).JPG

Black Compost

Black Compost.JPG

Mushroom compost 

Mushroom compost (scoop).JPG

Planter Mix 

Planter Mix (scoop).JPG

Veggie Mix

Veggie Mix.JPG

Banksia Mix

Banksia Mix.JPG

Potting Fines

Potting Fines (scoop).JPG

Blended Organic Soil

Blended Organic Soil.JPG

Screened Soil

Screened Soil.JPG

40mm Tumbled Ballast

Tumbled Ballast 40mm (scoop).JPG

Redgum Chips


Water Saver Mulch


Cow Manure



Bay 78 middle Firewood.JPEG
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